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Girls’ LEAP measures our success both quantitatively and qualitatively. One measure of our success is based on the number of programs we operate a girls we serve.  Currently we have the capacity to operate between 28-34 programs annually, and serve 1,000 girls across all of our programs.  We strive to maintain these as our base operating numbers, and are always looking for ways to increase this capacity.

Girls’ LEAP evaluation surveys show that:

  • Over 80% of the girls in our program report that they feel more confident in their ability to stay safe, learned how and when to use self-defense skills, and learned how to  resolve conflicts without physical contact
  • 88% of participants felt that the Girls’ LEAP staff listened to them
  • 92% of girls would recommend Girls’ LEAP to others

Girl, age 12

“One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I can be confident and that I don’t have to feel bad about myself.  Girls’ LEAP helped me on that.” -

“I would recommend Girls’ LEAP to other girls because it doesn’t just teach you self-defense, but it is a way to communicate and grow with other girls your age. It helps you figure out exactly who you are.”  -Teen Mentor, age 17

“One thing I’ll remember about Girls’ LEAP is all the courage I’ve developed since being here.” -Girl, age 12

“I would recommend becoming a Teen Mentor to another girl in the Girls’ LEAP program because I’ve been given all the tools to be a leader and keep control of my life.” -Teen Mentor, age 16

“The skills we learned are essential for all women. Women need these skills to help feel safe, confident and courageous.” -Undergraduate Teaching Woman

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