Youth need us more than ever today. With your contribution, we can reach more of them, with more programming.


Join us in Showing Up for Youth Right Now!

The youth we work with are showing up for each other, showing up for their families and showing up for themselves. They are resilient and resourceful as they cope with more than 18 months of pandemic and unrest.

LEAP has been a game changer for many of them. We’ve boosted their confidence and their skills in navigating the unrelenting challenges the world throws their way today. These youth are doing more than surviving; they are thriving.


Youth need us more than ever to make sure they are able to rise above all that stands in their way today. Join us to make that possible.


“Before, I doubted myself, but Girls' LEAP taught me to be confident and just to be myself." 

Jerdaly, LEAP participant


Will you show up for Jerdaly and other girls and gender expansive youth across Boston?

We are launching a campaign to raise $100,000 to expand our programming that disrupts the violence that surrounds girls and gender expansive youth. Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous group of donors.


 “Until all girls and nonbinary youth are safe from violence, this work remains urgent.”

Andrea, Board Member


Why Show Up for Girls’ LEAP Now?

10-14 year-olds are MOST at risk of sexual assaults

90% of all victims of sexual assaults are girls

79% Due to the pandemic, 79% of girls are currently experiencing unprecedented levels of isolation/loneliness and 25% experience depression. Rox Institute, 2020

32% of teen girls say Instagram makes them feel worse about themselves, leading to depression, anxiety, and eating disorders according to experts WSJ, 2021


We work to disrupt the violence that surrounds all girls and gender expansive youth by amplifying their voices, emboldening their courage, and imparting critical life and self-defense skills so they can take on challenges with confidence. Through our programming...

  • girls and gender expansive youth recognize and develop their physical strength by practicing physical self-defense.
  • Experiencing the power in their bodies gives them the confidence to use their voices, set boundaries, create healthy relationships and develop into leaders.


“LEAP really taught me to treasure myself, and to love myself in many ways. It taught me that we all have value...Most importantly it taught me to be myself.” Joyce, LEAP participant

“To me, my time at Girls’ LEAP has been transforming. I say transforming because before I joined this program, I was someone who was shy, timid….but after Girls’ LEAP I discovered how to be my own person and how to find my voice….that was life-changing for me.”

Zeinab, Teen Mentor



We need you.

Only 1.6% of all U.S. charitable giving is directed towards women and girls.

Join us in showing up for girls and gender expansive youth in Greater Boston.


“We can’t wait until girls and nonbinary youth grow into adults and discover their voices and their power. They are at risk now.”Aleisha, Teen Mentor

Please give as generously as you can.