Our Programs

The deep impact of our programs derives from our unique combination of physical and emotional skills development and the intergenerational community of girls, women and gender expansive youth and adults who deliver our programs. We do this by creating a culture of respect, consent and support for everyone involved in our work, and by creating curriculum and learning opportunities that reflect the unique needs of girls and gender expansive youth today. We provide opportunities for youth to build relationships with caring adults, college-aged teaching assistants, teens and with their peers, creating a supportive community. In addition to these core programs, we offer shorter versions of the content in 2 and 4 hour Workshops for girls and gender expansive youth as well as for youth & advocates.

To learn more about joining or hosting a Girls' LEAP Program at your school, community center, or youth-serving organization, send us an email at at leapmail@girlsleap.org!