Please Show Up for Youth in 2022

MEDIAGIRLS has selected LEAP to adopt its programming

MEDIAGIRLS, an organization we have long admired, has made the decision to dissolve their nonprofit and will cease programming and operations, effective June 30, 2022. As their Board grappled with this tough decision, they committed to finding a way for their high impact programming to live on. They launched a search for an organization who shared their values and who would continue to teach their curriculum. They selected LEAP and we are honored to have earned their confidence.


What this means:

The transition of MEDIAGIRLS' assets to Girls' LEAP is subject to Massachusetts state approval. Presuming this transaction is approved, we look forward to integrating the MEDIAGIRLS curriculum into our programming and enhancing our support for young people--whom we know value the ways social media can connect them, yet also experience it as a burden on their safety and mental health.

Why we are excited:

  • Young people need this programming to help address the "national emergency of adolescent mental health," as declared by the US Surgeon General and that we know is exacerbated by social media. We know that teenage girls and gender expansive youth are most deeply affected.
  • MEDIAGIRLS has made a deep impact.  their founding in 2014, they have partnered with more than 40 schools, clubs, and girl+-centric organizations to deliver their workshops. Nearly 3,200 girls+ and more than 2,000 parents have participated in their programming.
  • Our youth love their program. MEDIAGIRLS taught their workshop to our Teen Mentors this winter to rave reviews. "I really loved it;" "It was about social media but it was about self-esteem....very impactful and entertaining"; "Proved that what you see on social media is not real life... helped [me] feel better."
  • This new curriculum will fit beautifully into our new Advanced LEAP program
  • Our Teen Mentors will use the MEDIAGIRLS curriculum in our Youth Speak Outs, discussions they lead with peers.

For More Information:

We've posted MEDIAGIRLS' announcement on our website. Please find it here.

We welcome the MEDIAGIRLS community!

We thank the MEDIAGIRLS Board and staff for entrusting us with your wonderful program. We look forward to engaging with the many students, teachers and parents who have benefitted from your work.

Every day, we are privileged to learn with and from the youth at Girls' LEAP. They teach us, challenge us, and amaze us. We thank them, and we thank you. It is your support and engagement that makes Girls' LEAP possible.

-Shalaya, Lynn & Cynthia